David Barry (pappubahry) wrote,
David Barry

Hillsong v Scientology

There was an article in The Weekend Australian Magazine on the less than good aspects of the Hillsong church. I don't think there's an online version of the article, and I don't have it with me at the moment, so I summarise from memory. It looked at a few people who've been ostracised by the Church. One is homosexual, one had depression, one started to dislike the commercialisation of the Gospel, and there was another that I've forgotten. Also the article mentioned some numbers of dollars, mostly in the millions, and contrasted them with the Houstons' declared incomes of around $20000.

Update: The second link no longer works, presumably because of the bad publicity that page was generating.

Andrew Bartlett compared Hillsong's views on depression with those of Scientology.

Hillsong: depression is a supernatural spirit of destruction straight from the devil

Scientology: Scientologists believe depression is best alleviated by removing the sufferer's covering of tiny disembodied souls of aliens dispersed by the Galactic Federation leader Xenu.

Bartlett's a little bit harsh with his tongue in cheek comment that suggested that Hillsong is worse, of course, and most of the time, I have no problem at all with the Pentecostals. But it is correct to keep tabs on them, lest they start pushing science backwards as they do in the US.
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